Logo Design: These points should be noted

A picture is worth a thousand words. This slogan makes clear just how important the logo design is for companies and the self-employed. When a good idea is properly implemented, the logo design generates attention, stays in the memory and is immediately linked to a name. However, this is exactly the crux of the logo design: Anyone can have it created or created without much difficulty - but that does not guarantee that it fits in with the company and gives the right impression. This should be positive, professional and sustainable. For this to work, there is a lot to consider in the logo design.

Logo Design: Business card of a company
For the identity of a company naming is of great importance. This is the term with which all customers and business partners should join the company in the future, the name that - in the best case - reaches great prominence and is on everyone's lips at some point in the future. However, the meaning of the logo design is not far behind.

The effects that a logo can have - even if they are often unconscious - often only become apparent when you take a closer look at it. The logos of many well-known brands were so much internalized that they can easily be recalled. One knows the color, the appearance, the writing. Just take the test and think of big brand names. Almost automatically, the logo design immediately appears in front of the inner eye.

This is probably the greatest strength of a good logo design: it has a huge recognition value . This has already reached large corporations and well-known companies. Everyone knows what their logos look like. Small and medium-sized enterprises try - to a lesser extent - to achieve a similar effect.

All the more important that the logo design is not taken lightly. Each logo is a business card and figurehead . It can be impressive, it can hit the nerve of time and be meaningful - bad logos on the other hand may raise more questions than they answer, or may seem cheap, unprofessional, or unthinkable.

In the best case, a customer or business partner already associates with the logo corresponding quality features and properties of the product or service. A look at the logo design is enough to know immediately what to do with. Even the logo gives a quality promise that your own expectations are met. Up to this point, it's a long way to go, starting with the design of the logo, and continuing with a long-term positive experience of the brand and logo.

Answer these three basic questions
The possibilities for a logo design are basically almost endless. The tricky task is to filter out of all these possibilities exactly the one that suits you and your company. At first the expectations should be clarified.

Of course, your goal should be to design a logo that is as popular as possible, but the primary goal should be to capture the company's name, identity, and philosophy in visual form. Whether you become creative yourself or have a logo design created, in the end, you are spoiled for choice.

To make the right decision here, you should first ask three important questions and answer them honestly:

Which colors do you want to use?
Each color has its own effect on the viewer. Which color or color combination you choose in your logo design has a big impact on how others perceive it . Think in advance which emotions and impressions the color should trigger.

Also, the color can draw like a recurring pattern through the company and significantly shape the corporate identity. If, for example, you already have a color concept - for example on the homepage - this should also be found in the logo. In this way, you create a concrete connection between a color and your products, which is also stored at customers.

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What does the competition look like?
It always makes sense to look at what the competition is doing. The logo design is no exception. This is also about how you can differentiate yourself from other competitors . It makes no sense to choose a logo that is too similar to another or that evokes associations. Rather, you can already make clear with the selection what distinguishes you from others.

Take a look at what the competition and its logo design look like - and then ask yourself how you want to bring out your strengths . So you position yourself clearly on the market and already present in the logo, which you want to convince customers.

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What should the logo say about you?
A logo should not only look appealing, but also convey a meaningful message . Do you want to be modern, professional, happy or rather serious and objective? Only if you know what your logo design should say about you, you can find a suitable design for yourself.

The viewer of your logo should immediately know what he is dealing with and what he can expect. Of course, such an effect also comes with increasing awareness, but the logo design should already make clear what your business is about.

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The most common mistakes made with the logo
With logo design, you can do a lot of right, but unfortunately, a lot wrong. So that you do not fall into the trap, we have listed the most common mistakes made in logo design for you:

The logo design is too complicated
You want to make a statement in the logo design, to incorporate information and to pin down the core of the company - basically a good idea, but this can lead to your logo design being too complicated. Anyone who tries to accommodate too much in a small graphic overloads them and produces the opposite effect: the viewer no longer understands what it is supposed to be about.

The fonts are wrong
In addition to graphic elements, many logo designs also contain company name lettering. Here, great attention should be paid to choosing the right font that can decide on a good or bad logo design. Does the font convey the right impression? Is she legible? Does it fit with the company? You will hardly be serious with Comic Sans.

The individuality is not recognizable
It may be understandable to be guided by large, well-known and really good logo designs. These have obviously done a lot right, but if individuality is lost, your logo design will not produce any positive effects. The only reaction you get is that not as in the logo design of ... - and so no one thinks of you with your logo.

The applications were not considered
When creating and choosing a logo design, you should always be aware of where you want to use it everywhere. On your home page, on the company's official paper, on the building's fa├žade - but perhaps also on work clothes, on the products you make or other options. Your logo design should allow all areas of use from the beginning, so as not to be troubled later.

The communication with the designer fails
In many cases, it makes sense to commission a corresponding logo designer with drafting and creating your logo request. Although this costs a little money, but usually can finance well and does not cause a mountain of debt. Unfortunately, a common mistake is lack of communication. What are your wishes and ideas? What ideas and suggestions does the designer use? It needs a good exchange to get a really good logo design in the end.

Here you can find the right logo
Logo Design Tips Error Provider Free SoftwareOnce you've made the decision and you're ready to get a logo, you need the one who does it for you. One possibility is to get in touch with a designer , to discuss your ideas and to have a logo design created in this way. This is possible through the alliance of German designers .

But there are other ways too, such as the design marketplace 99Designs , DesignCrowd , CrowdSpring or many more. Here you can start a contest where designers from all over the world can participate. They give information and preferences and in return receive a variety of logo designs, sometimes more, sometimes less. At the end, a logo is awarded the contract and the designer the appropriate price, which was initially determined.

From some sides, this concept also receives criticism, mainly due to international competition and at reasonable prices. At the prices offered, some German logo designers can barely cover their costs. Especially for small businesses and the self-employed, however, it is a good way to come to attractive logo designs even for a small amount of money.

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