Surface 604 Colt Review

Surface 604 is an electric bicycle organization that has been doing business since 2013, offering to both the United States and Canada. Their items accentuate worth estimating however regularly blend in higher quality parts like water powered plate brakes, a fixed torque detecting base section, incorporated lights, and a profoundly customizable suspension fork for this situation. You can discover and test ride their bicycles at a wide system of sellers and online direct (in the event that you don't live close to a vendor). What I adore about the Colt, and it's progression through kin the Rook, is that together, they offer two edge styles and a wide scope of fit alternatives just as two colorways. The Colt will be stiffer, sturdier, and somewhat simpler to hold tight some vehicle racks. It accompanies an exceptionally flexible come from Satori and there's a lot of space to bring down the seat stature without crashing into the back load rack. Indeed, even with the "high advance" tubing, there's still a ton of freedom for mounting and remaining over the bicycle since it's slanted down. I gauged the standover stature on the Large 19″ edge at ~28.75″. Surface 604 has truly nailed the little subtleties on this e-bicycle by including container confine managers along the base of the downtube (indeed, not the most helpful to reach but rather superior to skipping them), and planning a rack with thin measure pannier sheds for use with fast associate clasp on sacks this way. Obviously, at this value point, not all things are immaculate. The front bumper is somewhat close and can zip and jitter when riding over unpleasant landscape, the tires are truly essential (no cut assurance or intelligent sidewalls), and the trigger throttle is constrained in power and speed by the dimension of pedal help that you pick. All things considered, for a bicycle that accompanies a complete two-year guarantee and rides this well, I feel that it's an incredible worth… and I like what it looks like, the illustrations and marking components are downplayed and the silk paint conceals fingerprints yet isn't unpalatably gleaming. Links are inside steered through the casing and the engine doesn't create much clamor for how amazing it is.

The engine driving this electric bike feels smooth and quickens consistently yet at the same time gives incredible torque and power. I don't know on the model number, yet it's made by an organization called Bafang. I have seen their items introduced on numerous other electric bicycles throughout the years and come to confide in them. This engine is silver, and matches the thicker 12 measure spokes that help the back wheel. The edges are twofold walled amalgam and painted dark to mix in with the tires. I've just grumbled about the tires a bit, yet they aren't too awful… I welcome the 26″ distance across on the grounds that this brings down the casing a bit contrasted with 27.5″ or the most widely recognized 28″ city estimate. Littler wheels do have a higher assault edge in any case, which implies that they won't traverse breaks as proficiently. The fatter 2.1″ breadth includes air volume for solace and solidness. The bicycle felt steady and followed pleasantly, notwithstanding when I was riding without any hands. I have been on some cruiser style ebikes that experienced speed wobble, where the front wheel would shake forward and backward at specific rates. I didn't experience that here, and I feel that the blend of brought down weight and stiffer edge structure (with the precious stone casing style) gives quality and solidness. It's pleasant to have your pedal power in a flash moved into the drivetrain of a bike, and it's enabling to feel fast directing reaction, yet your body will even now be padded by the tires, front stun, ergonomic holds, and gel saddle. For the individuals who need much more solace, Surface 604 sells a decent suspension seat post for $99 with a shim to make it fit the seat tube consummately. Taking into account that the engine can move this ebike up to 20 mph (32 km/h) in the most elevated amount of help, it's something I would emphatically consider for myself. Shops that sell both ordinary bicycles and e-bicycles every now and again disclose to me that the e-bicycles get altogether more use and are ridden for longer timeframes… in light of the fact that they are progressively fun or increasingly down to earth for driving. This engine should bolster upwards of 25 miles for every charge, and perhaps as high as 60 miles, contingent upon the dimension of help you pick, the amount you utilize the throttle, and how effectively you pedal. Be that as it may, in light of the fact that it utilizes a torque detecting base section, you are compelled to push in any event a smidgen to get the engine working in pedal help mode. It's in reality exceptionally fulfilling, on the grounds that the bicycle reacts normally, there's less amazements. A portion of the more established Surface 604 models (and numerous current less expensive models) use rhythm sensors that produce an on/off inclination that can be somewhat alarming on the off chance that you coincidentally move the wrench arm for steadiness. The strain/torque detecting unit is incorporated with a plastic packaging that is fitted onto the left half of the base section, and it appeared to be very much fixed against water. In synopsis, the engine and pedal help framework worked very well for me on this electric bike, I just wish the throttle could go full power without tapping the control cushion to raise the dimension of help. All things considered, the default help level that surfaces when the bicycle is controlled on is level 1, so the throttle is live immediately. It's pleasant to realize that on the off chance that you do inadvertently knock the throttle, the bicycle won't zoom away on you with full power.

Driving this bicycle is a better than expected limit 48 volt 10.4 amp hour Lithium-particle battery pack with name brand Samsung cells. It gauges more than normal at 7.5 lbs due to the durable amalgam packaging, however I adore that it offers a USB charging port on the correct hand side. This port can be utilized whether the battery is mounted to the bicycle or put away independently, going about as a reinforcement power source. With almost a large portion of a kilowatt hour of power close by, there's a lot of help for the center point engine, lights, illuminated presentation, and frill. The engine is evaluated between 500 watts and 750 watts, creating up to 65 Newton meters of torque, which is calm useful for how little and calm it is. This kind of execution utilizes vitality quicker in any case, so it returns to which dimension of help you pick, how frequently you utilize the throttle, and the torque sensor arrangement. For me, it's only pleasant to realize that this thing can climb quite well (I encountered this with a portion of the lush slopes on a green I rode through for the video audit of the Rook above). Some ebikes feel zippy, and others feel inconspicuous and kind of construct control. This one offered a decent blend of the two sensations, and I ascribe it to the torque sensor and all the more dominant drive framework. The battery pack seats into the edge dock from the left half of the bicycle and comes in at an edge. This permits space in the principle triangle for mounting a casing pack or water bottle connector. The casing tubing shields the pack from kicks and scratches, however the amalgam packaging appeared to be entirely extreme all alone. There's a spring-stacked key space on the left half of the downtube, which opens the battery. What's more, you destroy a switch to discharge and lift it up. I like having the switch since it gives progressively secure lifting and conveying. High limit battery packs like this are costly and can be harmed whenever dropped or left in extraordinary hot or cold temperatures. I have perused that the cells are least focused when filled somewhere in the range of 20% and 80% and the showcase board has a superior than normal 10-bar charge level infographic to enable you to assess your range and time the following charge. The charger itself is really essential, only a standard, lightweight, two-amp charger. You could without much of a stretch fit it into a trunk pack and carry it with you for snappy fill-ups at the workplace or a companion's home.

I like the presentation that was picked for this bicycle, despite the fact that it's not removable. It just appears to be strong and intense… I as of late observed the plastic depend on an a lot fancier $4,800 ebike show split and break during cautious routine administration, and rapidly came to acknowledge how a few sections can swivel and be evacuated without debilitating. We fixed that show by utilizing zip ties :) Anyway, the presentation that accompanies the Rook and Colt swivels effectively (to decrease glare while riding), has a huge inset LCD that is anything but difficult to peruse at a separation, and has a natural and reachable catch cushion to interface with. This showcase isn't attempting to shroud, it just functions admirably. The upper left area has a 10-bar battery pointer, there's a speed readout close to the upper right, your present dimension of help (0-5) is appeared at the extremely base, and a lot of excursion detail menus like trek separate, odometer, max speed, and so on are recorded in the center. The bicycle begins in help level 1 however you can utilize the less key to go down to zero and pedal without help or throttle dynamic. This mode is valuable for monitoring ride details and running the lights. The lights are entirely flawless, as I would like to think, since they will initiate consequently dependent on how dim it is outside, or you can physically switch them on by holding the light symbol on the catch cushion. The in addition to catch raises help, holding the power catch kills the presentation on and, and the I catch spins through details or enters the settings menu on the off chance that you tap it rapidly multiple times. From here, there are a few alternatives including: Data Reset, Units (Metric or Imperial), Light Sensitivity (for the front lamp and backdrop illumination), LCD Backlight Brightness, Automatic Off Timer, Maintenance Warning Settings, Password, Wheel Diameter Settings, and Top Speed Adjustment. I don't figure you can alter the wheel measurement or top speed alteration without the secret key, and that requires reaching the organization. A portion of the more seasoned Rook and Colt models could achieve higher top paces, yet that is in fact illicit for some bicycle ways and it destroys the engine quicker. Numerous shops have revealed to me that clients regularly need to ride slower than 20 mph, and you can accomplish this by restricting which dimension of help you select: Level 1 is ~6 mph, 2 ~9 mph, 3 ~14 mph, 4 ~17 mph, and Level 5 is ~20 mph. I simply value that there is just one power catch to press so as to initiate the showcase board… that it appears to be extreme and water safe, and that you don't need to retain extravagant catch mixes to get things working. More catches makes it basic and natural. The one mystery you may be keen on in any case, is that holding the less key will initiate walk mode. This enables the bicycle to enable you to travel through grass, up inclines, or limp home in case of a punctured tire. Do watch out for the tire weight however, on the grounds that it's simpler to get a squeeze level on the off chance that you enable it to dip under the prescribed 40 to 65 PSI and keep running into a sharp control or shake.

There's a great deal to investigate with this item, I welcome the choices that were made to keep it reasonable however not corrupt the parts and execution to an extreme. Surface 604 is situated in Vancouver Canada, where it downpours, and it appears as though they have ensured that the bicycle will confront wet conditions. The 9-speed tape gives you heaps of pedal speed alternatives, and the Shimano Altus derailleur is a stage up from passage level. It looks really decent, is situated off the beaten path (tucked under the correct chain remain), and utilizes quicker trigger shifters versus the enormous thumb shifters on numerous different items. The cockpit on this ebike is genuinely spotless, even with the huge presentation, trigger throttle (which is anything but difficult to reach and offers variable speed yield contingent upon how far you press), and ebike explicit water powered circle brake switches. At whatever point you brake, the engine in a flash close off. It's an incredible component, and one that is frequently skipped when torque detecting help is executed… in light of the fact that it's as of now a lot more responsive than rhythm detecting. Indeed, the grasps are quite shoddy, they don't bolt on and could turn in the event that you truly hunker down. Fortunately, they are genuinely agreeable and could be overhauled altogether for just $20. While investigating the bicycle intently, I saw what has all the earmarks of being a treated steel embed at the back dropout to shield the milder composite casing from engine power being applied through the pivot. I likewise perceived how they sorted out the power link for the engine (which is somewhat uncovered) so it's not meddling with the derailleur link or back light power link. Be mindful so as not to give the bicycle a chance to tip onto the correct side, since this is the place the fancier bits are. The front haggle post neckline are brisk discharge, which makes alteration and overhauling simpler yet in addition makes them powerless against burglary and altering. Consider a locking seat chain link and dependably circle your front wheel with the casing when locking. Mounting a collapsing lock to the base of the downtube, where those container enclosure supervisors are, could be something to be thankful for. Lastly, it appears the bar that Surface 604 specced for this bicycle offers a touch of rise however is shorter than a few (particularly the cleared back cruiser bars). What's more, my supposition is this enables the bicycle to fit among autos and through entryways all the more effectively. Everything cooperates well and makes for a charming and engaging ride. The shorter reach and agreeable structure help me to remember a cruiser now and again, yet it offers the utility, productivity, and toughness of a city bicycle. Huge gratitude to Surface 604 for cooperating with me on this post and working with the Electric Bicycle Center in Fullerton California for the survey. I was awed by the free delivering and quality bundling on the Rook (when Surface 604 transported that model legitimately to me for survey). It gave me the full "online request" understanding, which is perfect to see and ideally identifies with real clients. I welcome your input in the remark area beneath and the Surface 604 gatherings.


You can locate this model at some ebike shops in Canada and the USA however Surface 604 additionally sells direct online for individuals who live in remote regions, shipping is free and there's negligible arrangement (you can see me assemble the Rook in the video survey here)

I adore how Surface 604 is putting forth a high-advance and step-through rendition of this bicycle (the progression through is known as the Rook) and that the Colt comes in two edge sizes to oblige various riders

The silk dark edge and fork conceal fingerprints and mix pleasantly with the dark battery packaging and dark wires… likewise, the greater part of the shifter links, brake wires, and electrical wires are inside steered and avoid the way

Great pressure driven brake arrangement with movable achieve switches that are simpler to pull (on the off chance that you have little or delicate hands) and engine inhibitors that abrogate help and throttle

Quite not too bad drivetrain, Shimano Altus is just one stage over the Tourney passage level yet you get nine riggings here and the derailleur is truly taken care of, I particularly like the trigger shifters versus the huge thumb shifters on some other worth estimated ebikes

Movable suspension fork (with bounce back change, pressure modify, and lockout), I like the gel seat and holds, despite the fact that the grasps aren't locking… consider moving up to something like this on the off chance that you find that they turn on you

Surface 604 uses more pleasant equipment like fixed headsets and base sections, the coordinated lights are a major ordeal for me as well, it appears as though many contending items utilize a non-incorporated back light which requires two AA batteries and more exertion to kill on and, the pedal help sensor is fixed and measures torque to be increasingly responsive

Great weight dispersion, the battery is low and focus on the casing, this improves dealing with and opens up the back rack for freight

I tried the USB Type A port with my iPhone and it worked! Notwithstanding when the bicycle is killed or the battery is disengaged, you can keep up or charge your versatile electronic gadgets (however you should need to utilize a right-edge USB connector and zip connections to shield the wires from standing out and getting caught)

I like how the back rack is welded onto the edge and that it is shading coordinated, there's a tough deck on top for a trunk pack and the seat and there's a lot of space for the seat to come right down, you can likewise hang cut on panniers on the unique tight poles along the two sides, or use bungee strings with the lower circles

I like how the marking is unpretentious and feel that the paint work on these ebikes is a stage over a portion of the challenge, they use silk complete which looks progressively premium and I truly welcome the white alternative on the Rook step-through model which is increasingly obvious around evening time

The showcase board isn't removable yet swivels effectively and feels really extreme, I particularly like the 10-bar battery infographic versus only 5-bars on many contending shows

The two wheels utilize thicker spokes for quality, the back wheel has 12 check which verifies the incredible center point engine, this bicycle certainly feels zippy in the most abnormal amount of help and throttle

The solace is as of now truly great with the shorter achieve, movable stem, suspension fork, and gel saddle, yet Surface 604 likewise offers a pleasant Suntour NCX suspension seat post and shim at a limited rate of $99 when you purchase the bicycle

Surface 604 has been working since 2013 and I've evaluated a lot of their different ebikes, I feel like their exhaustive year-long guarantee is great and they offer strong client backing thinking about the more moderate valuing, I've visited their office and they stock heaps of new parts

Incredible tender loving care here, they utilized a more pleasant Satori flexible stem, redesigned Wellgo pedals, and even included jug enclosure managers on the base of the downtube!


The tires are somewhat essential, they do exclude an extraordinary cut defensive liner or have intelligent sidewall stripes however in any event the chain spread is by all accounts intelligent on the correct side, I do acknowledge more extensive size (26″ x 2.1″), for solace and security yet may supplant them with something like this down the line, the 26″ wheel distance across brings down the edge a bit and makes it congenial

The plastic bumpers and chain spread diminish weight and won't get bowed or rust like aluminum or steel, yet they do shake more. When I was looking into the 2018 Rook, the front bumper arrived somewhat twisted to the side… so I put a portion of the froth pressing material underneath and it fixed over several days :)

The Bafang center engine has its capacity link kept running in from the correct pivot and it's slightly defenseless against obstacles and twists there, in addition to it swarms the light link and shifter link a bit

The trigger throttle power yield is constrained by the dimension of help being utilized, this implies you can't utilize it as a speedy supersede to climb simpler or go quicker… they may have done this as a security highlight since the bicycle begins in level 1 help where the throttle is dynamic

There's no slap watch on the privilege chainstay, however the shifter wire and engine link are both kept running along the top and will ensure the casing if the chain ricochets down, the chainring does not have a guide or slam protect… yet that is presumably not an enormous arrangement for a city cruiser bicycle this way

The fog light worked shockingly well, it has an entirely brilliant and centered shaft that accomplishes something other than keep you noticeable, nonetheless, it is mounted to the suspension curve and may ricochet here and there on rough landscape contrasted with in the event that it had been mounted to the crown, headset, stem, or handlebar over the moving piece of the fork

Minor problem here, it appears as though there was space to put a second arrangement of jug enclosure managers on the seat tube, this would be valuable for collapsing locks, little siphons, and other littler apparatus, you could generally utilize a connector like this to include a mounting point secondary selling

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